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Matt Paavola and Jenifer L. Mindel served my daughter’s legal needs quite well.

MikeChetMatt Paavola and Jenifer L. Mindel served my daughter’s legal needs quite well. They let us clearly know what to expect when going to trial, how best to prepare, how to handle ourselves before and during the trial. They took care of all the messy paperwork and legal affairs and represented our interests professionally before, during, and after the trial. As a result, we won the case and received a very reasonable settlement. You’re in good hands with this seasoned team of competent attorneys.

William C.

White Marsh Law Handled our Accidents Flawlessly

TestimonMCiav2Over the years of raising our four children, a couple of them were involved in auto accidents that were not their fault. Each time I immediately called White Marsh Law. They took the case over quickly, made all the necessary contacts, setup the records, and helped us move through the process without incident. In each case they helped facilitate the repair quickly. In the accident that resulted in a neck injury, they advised us on the right course for medical treatment and tracked our progress. In one of the accidents my daughter's car was totalled. White Marsh Law helped us quickly collect a fair settlement. One time my MD van was hit by a PA school bus in a NJ parking lot. What a mess. Again, White Marsh Law helped me navigate the mess.

Marco C.

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