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WMLLegalIcondWebLawIn addition to specializing in Personal Injury law, White Marsh Law Firm may be able to assist you in other areas of law not specifically mentioned below.  Please feel free to call or email our office if you have any other type of legal matter or concern in need of evaluation. If we cannot assist you we will use our longstanding position within the legal community to refer you to the right attorney that can meet your specific legal needs.  

We Can Represent You in Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or if one of your loved ones has sustained a personal injury, hiring the right attorney to protect your legal rights is of vital importance.


We Can Represent You in Personal Injury Cases

If you have sustained a personal injury you need representation.

Have you sustained an injury that affects your physical or emotional wellbeing? If this injury was caused by employment, negligence, a product failure, or a malicious action, you may be able to seek compensation.


Social Security Disability Cases

Image of disabled older man who needs help with social security.

Has an illness or injury prevented you from returning to work? If so, navigating the Social Security Disability application process can be a daunting task. Without proper counsel, upwards of 60% of Social Security Disability applications are denied at the initial filing stage. The most common reasons for denial include the inability of a claimant to prove the severity of a disability due to insufficient medical records, incomplete application submissions, and a general lack of knowledge concerning Social Security regulations. Having an experienced Social Security attorney from the initial filing stage through the appeals process greatly reduces a claimant’s administrative burden, while increasing a claimant’s chances of success. Call or email us today for a free initial consultation.

Criminal Matters Cases

Image of courtroom where clients need representation.

A criminal charge can have serious effects on your personal relationships, financial strength, and most importantly the freedom to pursue your career. If you are under criminal investigation or have been formally charged with a crime, our criminal attorneys are ready to aggressively defend your case in the District Courts or Circuit Courts throughout the State of Maryland. A strategic defense can reduce jail time, fines, and a future criminal record. Call or email us today for a free initial consultation.

Our firm handles:

  • Traffic Violations
  • DUI / DWI Offenses
  • Drug Offenses
  • Sex Offenses
  • Theft and Fraud Offenses

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Couple completing a will which requires legal assistance.

White Marsh Law represents individuals, and their families in the preservation of personal wealth and business assets. Our estate planning services include: Wills and Powers of Attorney, lifetime and testamentary trusts, wealth management and succession planning, and charitable giving including trust and insurance planning. White Marsh Law also helps in administering estates through all stages of the probate process. Probate administration can be a complicated task during the difficult time when a loved one has passed away. White Marsh Law will work with your estate Personal Representative to ensure the complete and effective administration of your estate. White Marsh Law's probate experience helps to assure that your estate matters are resolved quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of stress possible.

Our firm handles:

  • Last will and testament.
  • Advanced medical directives.
  • Powers of attorney.
  • Life estates.
  • Probate administration.

Workers' Compensation Law Cases

If you have injured on the job you need representation.

White Marsh Law Firm LLC handles workers' compensation claims through its sister law firm Workers' Comp Law Firm LLC. Please click HERE to visit the Workers' Comp Law Firm LLC website where a representative will be glad to assist you.

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